Coco...The Parrot
Coco...The Parrot $16.99
Faux-stained glass painting
Take time...
Take time... $15.99
Painting on fabric Cover see “Fabric” tab
-45% sale
Express Parcel
Express Parcel $10.00 $17.99
Faux stained glass window on canvas 18x24
Lively neighbourhood
Lively neighbourhood $18.99
Acrylic paint
-67% sale
Coq au vin
Coq au vin $5.00 $14.99
Faux stained glass painting
-30% sale
In winter
In winter $12.00 $16.99
Faux stained glass painting
-24% sale
Sea bass
Sea bass $10.00 $12.99
Acrylic painted
10 pointes
10 pointes $18.99
10 pointes-CM
Sold out -22% sale
Polar trio
Polar trio $15.00 $18.99
Sold out
December $13.99
frog love
frog love $11.99
Painting on porcelain
mild winter
mild winter $16.00
Volatile escape
Volatile escape $19.50
Urchuchillay $19.99
-37% sale
Giraffe in colors
Giraffe in colors $12.00 $18.99
-42% sale
Cute Christmas Party
Cute Christmas Party $10.00 $16.99
-34% sale
Amaryllis $8.00 $12.00
Acrylic paint
Long live spring
Long live spring $11.95
Sold out
The monarch
The monarch $17.50
Mixed media pattern on canvas
-30% sale
Truck and tree
Truck and tree $12.00 $16.99
Painting on fabric
Sold out -37% sale
Girlfriend in winter mode
Girlfriend in winter mode $12.00 $18.99
Mixed media, acrylic, newspaper, faux-stained glass etc.
-45% sale
Happiness lives here
Happiness lives here $10.00 $17.99
Painting on fabric
-38% sale
My little sailboat
My little sailboat $10.00 $16.00
Faux stained glass painting
Being a mom
Being a mom $17.99
Painting on fabric
Tightly knitted
Tightly knitted $16.99
Painting on fabric
-42% sale
The reindeer
The reindeer $10.00 $16.98
Painting on fabric
-36% sale
Just a flake
Just a flake $16.00 $24.99
Painting on fabric
Skates $17.99
Faux stained glass painting
Land of Fire
Land of Fire $17.99
Acrylic paint
Pedicure, $5.00
Acrylic paint
Take time
Take time $9.99
Painting on porcelain
Autumn colors
Autumn colors $16.00
Acrylic painting and faux stained glass
Here we chatter
Here we chatter $15.99
Painting on fabric
The chair
The chair $16.99
Faux stained glass painting
The White Rooster
The White Rooster $17.99
Fabric paint on canvas, can be done with acrylic paint
Series 4 notepads
Series 4 notepads $12.00
Fake stained glass window
Sold out
Under a blue sky
Under a blue sky $13.99
Painting on fabric
-30% sale
Follow your heart
Follow your heart $12.00 $16.99
Painting on fabric
Life at the Chalet
Life at the Chalet $16.99
Painting on fabric
-39% sale
Glow $8.00 $12.99
Media mix
Series 3 notepads
Series 3 notepads $12.00
Faux stained glass painting
Penguins on the loose
Penguins on the loose $16.99
Acrylic paint
The House in Autumn
The House in Autumn $16.99
Faux stained glass painting on canvas
Ride $15.99
Acrylic paint
Charlot and the city
Charlot and the city $16.99
Mixed media pattern with acrylic paint, collage and faux stained glass on 12"x30" gallery canvas.
Christmas cube
Christmas cube $12.99
Faux Stained Glass Painting
The two seasons
The two seasons $11.00
Fake stained glass window (lamp or glass cube)
-59% sale
The 5 Penguins
The 5 Penguins $5.00 $11.99
Fake stained glass window 10x20
-30% sale
The house at the bottom of the hill
The house at the bottom of the hill $12.00 $16.99
Fake stained glass window on canvas 15x30