-45% sale
.. under water! (pattern sheet)
.. under water! (pattern sheet) $5.00 $8.95
Pattern sheet
10 pointes
10 pointes $18.99
10 pointes-CM
Sold out
To rent for the summer
To rent for the summer $14.00
Fake stained glass window on plexi mobile For plexis see plexis and glass tab
At your desks
At your desks $14.95
Acrylic paint, on wood, glass, fabric etc.
-32% sale
Musical chord
Musical chord $15.00 $21.99
Technique mixte
Alizé $21.99
-34% sale
Amaryllis $8.00 $12.00
Acrylic paint
Amour d'hiver
Amour d'hiver $11.95
VM1066 Amour d'hiver Valérie Migneault  Peinture acrylique 
frog love
frog love $11.99
Painting on porcelain
Spring Love
Spring Love $14.95
Acrylic paint
Family tree (French)
Family tree (French) $19.50
-62% sale
Glittering trees
Glittering trees $5.00 $12.99
Mix media on flexible acrylic lamp
-38% sale
Silver and gold
Silver and gold $10.00 $15.99
Acrylic painted
Cocktail plates
Cocktail plates $14.99
Mix media on cocktail plate
At the seaside…buoys
At the seaside…buoys $12.95
Acrylic paint
At the heart of his dreams
At the heart of his dreams $18.99
Acrylic paint
Butterfly Kiss
Butterfly Kiss $19.50
-55% sale
Bath Beads
Bath Beads $5.00 $10.95
Acrylic paint
Natural beauty
Natural beauty $14.95
Acrylic paint
Bella and Bello
Bella and Bello $10.00
Beluga whales
Beluga whales $17.99
Acrylic, mixed media
welcome to our house
welcome to our house $15.99
Acrylic paint
Billy $19.99
Acrylic paint
Series 1 notepads
Series 1 notepads $12.00
Stained glass painting on wood (see wood tab for the piece)
Series 2 notepads
Series 2 notepads $12.00
Faux stained glass painting
Series 3 notepads
Series 3 notepads $12.00
Faux stained glass painting
Series 4 notepads
Series 4 notepads $12.00
Fake stained glass window
Bonbon du Père Noël
Bonbon du Père Noël $9.99
Bonhomme aux flocons
Bonhomme aux flocons $14.99
Bonhomme aux flocons-CM
-43% sale
Bird man
Bird man $8.00 $13.99
Acrylic paint
Bonhomme enneigé
Bonhomme enneigé $16.99
Bonhomme enneigé-BM  Pièce de bois disponible 
Hello holidays
Hello holidays $14.99
Acrylic paint
Bonne fête
Bonne fête $9.99
Bottes bonhomme de neige
Bottes bonhomme de neige $12.99
Bottes bonhomme de neige-CM  Pièces de bois disponible dans section bois
-67% sale
Christmas' balls
Christmas' balls $5.00 $14.99
Fake stained glass wooden ball See wood tab for ball
Sea breeze
Sea breeze $20.99
Mixed media
-30% sale
Brr... it's chilly!
Brr... it's chilly! $12.00 $16.99
-45% sale
It’s Pig (pattern sheet)
It’s Pig (pattern sheet) $5.00 $8.95
Pattern sheet
C'est un arrêt
C'est un arrêt $19.50
C'est un arrêt-BM
It's Friday
It's Friday $15.95
Acrylic paint
Cabin & Blue Jay
Cabin & Blue Jay $18.98
Cable Car
Cable Car $16.99
Cable Car-CM
Cockatoo $13.99
Acrylic painting, mixed media
Coffee $15.99
Acrylic paint the cup is a separate piece of wood
-34% sale
Coffee in bed for men
Coffee in bed for men $10.00 $14.95
Acrylic paint
-34% sale
Penguin hugs
Penguin hugs $10.00 $14.99
Painting on fabric
Truck and flowers
Truck and flowers $15.99
Acrylic paint
Camion et renard
Camion et renard $16.99
CAMION-RENARD Peinture sur tissu
-30% sale
Truck and tree
Truck and tree $12.00 $16.99
Painting on fabric